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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text-based data file that a web server can ask to save on your computer, it gives the web server information about how you surf. If your browser settings allow it, all websites can save cookies on your computer. There are three types of cookies: permanent, temporary (so-called session cookies) and third-party cookies. Permanent cookies are files that are stored on your computer for a longer period. Temporary cookies are files that are stored temporarily on your computer when you visit a website, but are deleted when you close the page. Third-party cookies come from another website and have the purpose of collecting statistics about visitors' online activity. Most companies use cookies on their websites to improve the user experience, and cookies cannot damage your files or increase the risk of viruses on your computer.


Statistics cookies, also known as analytics cookies, are used to gather information about how visitors interact with a website. They provide website owners with valuable insights and statistics on user behavior, helping them understand how their website is being used and make improvements accordingly. The key features of statistics cookies include: - Cookies - Tracking

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As a visitor to our website, you consent to our use of strictly necessary cookies by setting your browser to allow cookies to be received. Via settings in your browser, you can choose whether you want to allow cookies. You can also delete previously placed cookies from your browser. It looks a little different depending on which browser you use, but it is generally a choice you can make by going into settings or tools via the menu in the web window. However, temporary cookies are necessary to be able to navigate the website. If you choose to disable cookies, this may mean that certain functionality on our sites stops working, and that settings and logins are not saved. This will also disable all cookies used by your browser, including those from other websites, which may cause certain settings or information to be changed or lost. See your browser's help pages for more information on how you can control the use of cookies yourself.

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